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Thoa Huynh – the Senior Project Manager of DS team in Vietnam has won the special award – THE SCC VIETNAM CHAMPION OF 2022!

Thoa was SCC Vietnam Monthly Champion in July 2022 for her contributions in delivering the best results to customers and SCC Vietnam. Last year, following the environment issues of DS team, Thoa had worked tirelessly to make sure that we had a working SDLC environment that both meets the necessary security standards but is also practical environment to develop, test and release software. In parallel to all of this, Thoa had to take on many roles within the team, such as BA and QC, to ensure that the project work continued, then to develop and train a new team of Developers, BA and QCs to restart the project development again.

The result of all this hard work cumulated, last month, her project had been rolled out to production successfully and received a lot of great feedback from UK team.

As with previous winners, Thoa will be awarded a trip to UK and meet with her colleagues at the SCC UK offices.