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This Christmas, SCC Vietnam continued its tradition of giving by supporting the “Mái Ấm Thánh Tâm” orphanage. Our festive activities aimed not only to call for donations but also to create a delightful Santa fair for colleagues to enjoy and contribute to a noble cause.

Santa Fair Highlights:

To launch our festive celebrations, we organized a Food Market featuring six teams presenting five delectable dishes each, treating colleagues to a culinary delight. Accompanied by a fun game zone, tickets for both the food and games were sold, with all proceeds directed towards our charitable cause. Additionally, embracing the spirit of giving, we introduced a Gift Trading event, where colleagues prepared beautifully wrapped gifts, fostering a festive atmosphere. Participants contributed a generous amount of money to the Santa box, encouraging generosity and ensuring a continuous flow of donations to support “Mái Ấm Thánh Tâm.”

Supporting “Mái Ấm Thánh Tâm”:

A highlight of our Christmas activities was the visit to the “Thánh Tâm Orphanage” by a dedicated group of staff members, bringing collected items and funds to share with the children. This visit provided an opportunity for personal connection, reminding us of the importance of our ongoing commitment to these young lives. Adding a touch of magic to the day, two Santas skilled in balloon artistry joined the festivities, creating imaginative balloon figures that brought smiles to the faces of the children. The innocence and brightness of the children resonated with our team, reinforcing the significance of our annual visit.

In the true spirit of Christmas, our company once again demonstrated its commitment to spreading joy and making a positive impact. Through a festive food market, gift trading, and a heart-warming orphanage visit, we celebrated the season with compassion and selfless giving, embodying the true essence of Christmas.