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Focusing on orphanages for children and elderly individuals, their aim was to spread care and kindness. Colleagues supported social houses through a Piggy Banks initiative, saving money from everyday items to buy essentials for those in need. Additionally, a toy drive collected old toys for heartfelt gifts to children in orphanages.

During their two-part journey, we visited Thien Phuoc Shelter, where 54 elderly women facing challenges welcomed the team with joyous songs. A poignant moment occurred when a frail 94-year-old woman sang for them; they reciprocated, creating an atmosphere of shared joy. In the second phase, we became “ambassadors” of joy for orphaned children at Làng Thiếu Nhi Mẹ Hiền shelter. Delivering essential items and heartfelt gifts, they witnessed radiant smiles on the children’s faces.

Despite the heat in both trips, these heartwarming moments, filled with gratitude, are forever etched in their memories, holding a special place in their hearts. The joy of the elderly and the laughter of the children made the team-building activity truly special. They’re delighted to have made a positive difference during this initiative.

The recent trip became even more memorable with a fantastic gala dinner that brought everyone together. Against a stunning backdrop, they strengthened the team spirit. The night was filled with delicious food, laughter, and happy memory. It wasn’t just a party; it was a reminder of the incredible bond shared. Here’s to more adventures and joyous moments together!