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During Christmas time, it’s about sharing the love and joy to everyone around. In this joyful atmosphere, SCC Vietnam organised a series of Charity events to support their local community.

  • Piggy bank: By saving money of every little daily habits such as a cup of coffee, milk tea, or even a cigarette… SCC Staff contributed to the fund for an orphan.

  • “Flea market”: SCC Staff contributed for items to a “Flea Market” which were placed near the Christmas tree in the office at 8F and everyone could buy and put money into the donation box. 20.500.000 VND (= £714) was collected this way and donated to the “Thánh Tâm Orphanage”.

  • Clothes donation: A collection of warm clothes and old shoes from the staff was given out to people in the Kon Tum Province.

  • Visit of the Orphanage: Few member of the staff went to meet the children of the “Thánh Tâm Orphanage”  to bring the items and money they collected for them. There are 50 children in this orphanage from 2 to 12 years old. Tuan Thanh from SCC Vietnam said “It was our precious experience – we met, played, as well as listened to their dreams in the future. The dreams were so innocent and bright as singer, dancer, or even superhero, and what made us surprised and proud were some of the older kids want to be IT men like us. This inspired and touched our hearts so much. We gave the children what we collected for them and they gave us spiritual gifts more than what our giving. Hopefully, this meaningful activity will continue year by year to spread this love to everyone”.