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Earlier this June, SCC Vietnam had called for a donation for an online library serving the reading needs of students from the Hòn Nghệ primary and secondary school.

The school has 324 students and previously faced many difficulties, lacking in facilities and equipment. The school’s library is small – only limited to textbooks and reference books and they don’t have computers to connect to the network. At the moment, the school is in dire need of an online library in order to help the children with their learning and broaden their opportunities.

Understanding the situation, 5 combos of PCs and a great number of children’s books have been donated to the school, which is geographically distant but still hosts children with a thirst for knowledge!

Some of our staff made it to the school to personally deliver SCC Vietnam’s gifts to the students. Hòn Nghệ is an island located far away from the mainland and there are only 2 sea voyages per day (1 to the mainland and 1 to the island). It took them 6 hours by bus and 2 hours by ship to get there.

Not only were they mesmerized with how breath-taking the island is, but they were also impressed with how dedicated the teachers are, with a purpose to enlighten students with a great knowledge for a better life. They reported that their tiredness seemed to disappear when they saw the happy smiles on the teachers’ faces as they arrived. All in all, this was an unforgettable trip for the SCC Vietnam Family.